LidoPhenyl SprayTM

The better tasting alternative.

Anaesthetic Vasoconstrictor Throat / Nasal Spray available in 3 flavours. Includes free flexible nozzle.

Lidocaine (Lignocaine) hydrochloride monohydrate 5mg/actuation and Phenylephrine hydrochloride 0.5mg/actuation

  • Topical anaesthesia and local vasoconstriction prior to endoscopy of the upper air ways
  • Preparation of the nasal mucosa for surgery
  • Aid in the treatment of acute nose bleeds and removal of foreign bodies from the nose.
  • Prime pump 5 times before use.
  • Each squirt contains 100 microlitres.
  • For professional use only.
  • For topical use only.
  • Not for injection.
  • Read enclosed leaflet before use.

These doses are to be administered once only. Repeated as directed only by a physician.

Not for use in children under 2 years of age or during pregnancy.

Must be used with caution in patients who have cardiovascular disease.

Store below 25˚C. Protect from light.

Recommended dosages

Dosage for nasal and pharyngeal administration

Adults and children over 12 years Up to 5 squirts per nostril
8-12 years 3 squirts per nostril
4-8 years 2 squirts per nostril
2-4 years 1 squirt per nostril

Available Flavours




Nozzle Supply

One LP Nozzle™ is available inside. LP Nozzle™ available separately.

A new nozzle should be used for each patient to avoid the risk of cross contamination between patients.

LP Nozzles™ are available in two lengths and can be purchased separately.





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